About Us

Who We Are

VieCell is a contemporary biotech company committed in the development of novel cell therapeutics derived from blood and various fetal tissues. Our research and development team pursues cutting edge research in regenerative application of stem cells from various sources and provides a complete solution to diseases which are not able to cure by conventional treatments.Our broad area of expertise includes providing leading technology in bringing unique therapy, aesthetic and anti-ageing cosmetics applications.Considering regenerative medicine is the only potential alternative of the future, we here in VieCell continuously committed in bringing full proof technology for the same.

Focusing on:

VieCell approach for ailments is a multi-centric application by combining traditional medicine with modern regenerative medicine.

VieCell is committed in bringing unique and innovative therapeutic stem cell solutions for vary rare and incurable diseases through intensive clinical research. Our competent R&D team is developing for novel stem cell technologies to pipeline robust next generation products.

Our fundamental grail is to provide medical service in a safe, caring and affordable ways without compromising the quality of the treatment.

VieCell Brochures

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Why stem cell therapy with us

Since the transplantation of cord blood stem cell for various blood related cancer treatments and subsequent development of adult stem cell in regenerative medicine applications poses future promise to “Smart Medicines”. We at VieCell Biotech focusing cell based therapeutic application specializing in autologous adult mesenchymal stem cells. Our renowned surgeons and clinicians have vast experience in cosmetic and ortho surgeries for extracting stem cells sources of adipose and bone marrow origin in a less invasive surgery method. Also our stem cell experts who have more than 5 years of experience in processing stem cell sources to isolate and analyze stem cells and enumerate mesenchymal stem cells from adipose and bone marrow in the highest quality. Our Research and development team constantly engaged in improving the techniques to isolate and deliver high quality of stem cells to the patients.

In VieCell Biotech, we treat every disease with different approach like we use regenerative medicine in combination with ayurvedic, nutritional and alternative medicine as a supplemental therapy to produce gratifying results and improving the quality of life of patients.

Quality commitment

Regenerative medicine is emerging everyday with innovation in technology and techniques to deliver better care for the patient and to obtain the result best in manner. We at VieCell work in hand with technology and innovation in bringing to the patient to the best as possible in an affordable cost. Every aspect of the process is carefully analyzed with out compromising the quality in treatment and the commitment in pursuing the same.